Lets get one thing straight. I’m not a trekie, or a science freak. but I am a nerd when it comes to music, gear and noise stuff. I enjoy talking to my fellow gear-nerds about our different set-ups, and this was a recent email about an upcoming show i’m gonna be playing next week in omaha. basically my job at this gig is to bring the crazy,fun noise. so this is what i’m doing
guitar 1: guitar into di box, channel A goes to my board and then to my amp
guitar 2: same guitar, but channel B goes to the black box where I switch between black box effects OR to go into mac where I’m running amplitube and mainstage guitar effects (weird stuff)
vocal mic: also into black box and the laptop and mainstage to make some crazy vocal synth generators
misc keys: m-audio keystation into mac running reason (pads/organ/strings/misc). output to firewire interface
rhodes: gonna try running through trem and delay. at the end of the set, i will switch to run the rhodes through my pedal board (primarily for the memory man) and get a sweet rhodes/pad effect. I really need a devoted analog delay for the rhodes.
fun stuff.