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Why I Love Secret Penguin

Years ago, I bought a teeshirt from Dave Nelson (@secretpenguin) – partly because I liked the shirt – mostly because I wanted to have an excuse to say ‘hi’. In my early days of learning design, Dave was someone I… Read More

I Used to Play Music

I used to play music. That is to say, I used to write songs, play in coffee shops, rehearse and sometimes perform with various bands and regularly lead worship for church services and summer camps. Although the time I spent… Read More

Collective Public Problem Solving

Today something amazing happened. I launched a new site! But that’s not all. The homepage of both and features some fancy little javascript that acts like a typewriter. On, I used a series of short messages on a… Read More

Double Duty

There have been some changes recently in my life at Hobson Road Community Church, where I am the Worship Arts Leader. Janell, the youth pastor of ReasonYouthChurch recently resigned, and while we look for her replacement, I am taking over… Read More

Archtop Restoration 01

Last week I discovered a little piece of junk that just might be a nice gem. This guitar has been sitting in my pastor’s garage for the past 15 years, pretty much untouched, given to them by an elderly neighbor… Read More

Hillsong United: leading a worship leader

Last night was an interesting experience for me in being lead in worship. I was able to see Hillsong United at Willow Creek Church, and of course came in with high expectations. It was the third time I’ve been able… Read More

Read. Write. Pray.

Over the last couple weeks, God has been dealing with me about my discipline regimen. Not only my need to get outside and run (that also needs to happen) but mainly the spiritual disciplines that keep my heart in check,… Read More

Czech Video Summery

Video summery of the conference. Please don’t listen to the vocals.  Someone needs to learn how to sing when he’s excited  youtube=