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Pecha Kucha

I recently spoke at Pecha Kucha, an event where each speaker gets 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. The speaker has no control over the slide changes and is given a total of 6:40 to speak. I shared about the… Read More

Why I’m Doing #iconaday

    For the last week I’ve been filling up people’s instagram and twitter streams with little sketches of icons and symbols; a daily exercise in creating a small, simple design that represents whatever physical object happens to be in… Read More

Web Machine UI

I wanted to create a ui that incorporated elements that felt like some kind of old machine, based off of some old musical equipment I have in my basement. For fun, I thought it should should look great on an… Read More

Layover in Amsterdam

Technical problems. There’s always technical problems. In reference to an airplane that could be anything from the wrong sticker on a part to the wing falling off. Apparently there were technical problems with our plane that made us late out… Read More

Wednesday in Prague

Wednesday was our day off and we took a quick breather before our last couple days of ministry and travel. We spent the day in Prague, site seeing, shopping and pretty much being amazed by the city. It was every… Read More

A Couple More Pics

Because I forgot my camera’s cable, i can’t upload my own photos, but i want to show you some, so these are from pastor jeff and terri’s camera. hope they don’t mind.      

Gear Nerd

Lets get one thing straight. I’m not a trekie, or a science freak. but I am a nerd when it comes to music, gear and noise stuff. I enjoy talking to my fellow gear-nerds about our different set-ups, and this… Read More