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I Used to Play Music

I used to play music. That is to say, I used to write songs, play in coffee shops, rehearse and sometimes perform with various bands and regularly lead worship for church services and summer camps. Although the time I spent… Read More

The Foresters Vol I

The Foresters is a band I am a part of with my close friend and Nashville songwriter, Tim Wildsmith. We began hanging out on Saturdays at my house, writing songs and playing music, and very organically, a collection of songs… Read More

Lift My Heart Demo

Lift My Heart by Nicholas Petersen This weekend I recorded a new song with the iPhone app Fourtrack. The sound is pretty terrible, as well as the takes, but it gives it a real lo-fi vibe. One harmony track was… Read More

Archtop Restoration 01

Last week I discovered a little piece of junk that just might be a nice gem. This guitar has been sitting in my pastor’s garage for the past 15 years, pretty much untouched, given to them by an elderly neighbor… Read More