The Foresters is a band I am a part of with my close friend and Nashville songwriter, Tim Wildsmith. We began hanging out on Saturdays at my house, writing songs and playing music, and very organically, a collection of songs came out. I’m am more proud of these songs than I have ever been about anything I’ve written.

We realized after we created the hand-made artwork that we should have stamped “VOL I” on the cover because we always had every intention of continuing to write songs that would live side by side those we recorded in the first record. We are currently writing and working on the next Foresters record.

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Track List:

1. This Mountain
2. Gospel of the Living Dead
3. This is the Kingdom
4. O Great God
5. As One
6. Your Joy will Be My Strength
7. Death, Where is Your Victory?
8. Redemption and Favor