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check it out. here’s what you do: go to your iTunes +click on the the search box +type “nicholas petersen” =the album pops up +listen to song clips +buy your favs OR +buy whole album (more for your $$$) then:… Read More

Chicago (friends, please read)

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors. Maybe you’ve known for months, but the truth is now very much a reality. Nicholas Petersen is leaving omaha to say “hello” to chicago. After many wonderful years of calling omaha and its surrounding area… Read More

The Album Finished

Yes, the full-length album that has taken far too long to finish, now is, and appropriately named, “How to Get From Start to Finish.” The past 6 months have been some of the most challenging, as life changes and i… Read More

How to Get from Start to Finish

How to Get from Start to Finish may as well be my first record, mostly because its the first I truly felt proud of long after releasing it. I wanted to make a record where I could do everything myself…. Read More

Album Update and a Show

*Album Update Yes, I realize i haven’t updated the video blog, and you may think, “Is he really still recording?” The answer is “yes” and then “no.” I finished tracking all instruments and vocals minus 1 track few weeks ago…. Read More

Darkness and the Glory

There is a new song that has been “in the shop” for a few weeks. It was lyrically finished last week. It is called “Darkness and the Glory.” The song is inspired by and directly quotes Psalm 139:7-12, which talks… Read More