Wednesday was our day off and we took a quick breather before our last couple days of ministry and travel. We spent the day in Prague, site seeing, shopping and pretty much being amazed by the city. It was every bit as cool as i imagined or as you see in the cool spy movies.
We saw government buildings built in the 1500s that had history of tragic murders and visited a theater where Mozart premiered his Don Giovanni, as well as Charles University, the first university in central Europe.
There is some incredible shopping in Prague if you have the time. I probably could have spent a whole day just doing that, but there was much to see.
We to tram up to a castle and cathedral. As cool as a castle seems, it was the enormous cathedral that really amazed me. As we were walking and it came into view, i was speechless. I can’t express and pictures don’t do justice to the enormity and grandeur of this great building. As we walked closer, and saw more detail of the wood and stone on the outside of the building, our eyes raced from one amazing door, to a beautiful tower and the even the creepy gargoyles. All of it was amazing.
then we went inside.

I won’t go on and on, but at the risk of being very understated, it was incredible!
I am amazed at how in America we have nothing like this.
The ancient cathedrals are so vast in size, with beautiful art and architecture – everything drawing your eyes and attention upward in amazement. I think they had something when they build these. You can’t help stand in awe and wonder at the greatness of what is before you, and then to think that this is Gods house. This represents what i believe and who i am – good or bad, for i am at the same time reminded of the evils brought into the church through the ages, perhaps in these very places. But ultimately the point is made. This place is captivating, as is the God who i serve. I am so blessed to see something that represents in a still a small way, the ancient greatness of God.