For the last week I’ve been filling up people’s instagram and twitter streams with little sketches of icons and symbols; a daily exercise in creating a small, simple design that represents whatever physical object happens to be in my head. 


So why am I doing this? Well it’s fun for sure, but really it’s about my process. Every designer should have a process, whatever that means to them as they build things and solve problems. My process involves defining a problem, doing research, brainstorming ideas and executing a solution. Iconaday is a very small practice in executing my process daily as I decide on an object to symbolize, find key features to highlight, sketch several concepts and finally execute and display the final icon.


If you solve problems, you probably have a process-even if you don’t realize it. Defining your process as it suits you may help you work more efficiently and consistently. I’d love to hear what your process is and what you think of #iconaday.