I Made the News

This is a funny side note that is roughly related to this trip: I apparently made a news report on omaha’s WOWT when I was dropped off at the airport to leave for my trip by my friend tim wildsmith…. Read More

Mind Your Step

“Mind your step,” the polite, electronic voice announces nearing the end of the moving wthalkway. We are in walking through the Amsterdam airport. After a couple times of hearing the phrase, a spontaneous beat box starts and is stuck in… Read More

Only 2 Pedals

Today was the day for packing, and I like to pack as light as possible while taking as much as possible. what that means is that is take a small bag, and stuff it until the zippers are bursting with… Read More

Czech Republic Intro

In 3 days I’m leaving for the Czech Republic to be a part of a team leading worship for a youth conference in Prague. Obviously i am very excited about this trip and looking forward to seeing what God is… Read More

Gear Nerd

Lets get one thing straight. I’m not a trekie, or a science freak. but I am a nerd when it comes to music, gear and noise stuff. I enjoy talking to my fellow gear-nerds about our different set-ups, and this… Read More

Rhodes Project

So last week I acquired a very well used rhodes markI. In great mechanical condition, but cosmetically in need of some TLC. As I have always loved taking things apart, a little fix-it project should be some fun. I’ve allready… Read More

studio blog (demos)

this video is actually kinda lame, but it was my weekend for the most part

Fighting for Something

I just read today in 1 Chronicles 11 about the mighty men of David and specifically Benaiah who chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day and then jumped in to kill it. He killed an armed 7… Read More

New Pedal Sounds

for those interested, I’ve got a couple new guitar sounds and I’m working on a new song called “Bring Our Praise.” Here’s some pedal info. Oh, FYI, the video freezes up for some reason at the end, but the audio… Read More

Good Music

Hey everybody! You need good music, right? And there is just so much music out there, how do you know what you should spend your hard-earned green on? Well, my suggestion is the Jon Foreman acoustic EPs, here He’s doing… Read More

Writers Block

Wikipedia has a view on the subject that it “is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity.” Basically when a writer, or artist of written works can’t… Read More

Hammond B3 Hotness

so, we were storing some stuff in janell’s garage for a while and when cleaning it out, discovered a old treasure, covered in dust and cobwebs (as all good treasure is) and in the form of a Hammond B-3 organ… Read More

Chicago Update

Hey everyone! Well, i’ve been living in Downer’s Grove, IL (Chicagoland) for 10 weeks now and some people might be thinking “I wonder how nicholas is doing?” or “why doesn’t he ever have any blog updates?” or “why doesn’t he… Read More

a workin joe…

As you may or may not know, a couple months ago i moved to the chicago area to take a job as a worship leader at a small church there. Now being a worship leader is sweet and all, but… Read More


check it out. here’s what you do: go to your iTunes +click on the the search box +type “nicholas petersen” =the album pops up +listen to song clips +buy your favs OR +buy whole album (more for your $$$) then:… Read More

Chicago (friends, please read)

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors. Maybe you’ve known for months, but the truth is now very much a reality. Nicholas Petersen is leaving omaha to say “hello” to chicago. After many wonderful years of calling omaha and its surrounding area… Read More

from the road_new orleans

I’m sitting shotgun in a church van just outside new orleans, where 20 months after Katrina there are still ruins and evidence of its devastation. LIFTyouthchurch took several students and interns there to help families in a local church that… Read More

The Album Finished

Yes, the full-length album that has taken far too long to finish, now is, and appropriately named, “How to Get From Start to Finish.” The past 6 months have been some of the most challenging, as life changes and i… Read More

Album Update and a Show

*Album Update Yes, I realize i haven’t updated the video blog, and you may think, “Is he really still recording?” The answer is “yes” and then “no.” I finished tracking all instruments and vocals minus 1 track few weeks ago…. Read More

6 Months Time (follow up to Pure)

June 21, 2006 was a significant day for me. It was the first night I wrote the word ‘PURE’ on my hand, reminding myself of the song and the statement a youth church would make a stand to live by;… Read More