Yes, the full-length album that has taken far too long to finish, now is, and appropriately named, “How to Get From Start to Finish.”
The past 6 months have been some of the most challenging, as life changes and i learn how to get to where i need to be. In that process comes these tunes, some years old and some written days before this project was completed. I’m very excited for you to hear what has been in my head for a long time.
The album includes 16 tracks:
01. Start to Finish A/How to Start the Album
02. Lights
03. Glory
04. Praise (All Ye People)
05. Greatly
06. Tonight
07. Worship Everywhere
08. Are We Listening?
09. Your Name Is Great
10. Pure/The In Between Song
11. Logic
12. Long Way Around (from eleven to thirteen)
13. Can You Change This City?
14. Praise (a reprise for those who didn’t the first time)
15. Christ, and Christ Alone
16. Start to Finish B
How To Get From Start To Finish is about transitions, change and what happens in between while we’re trying to figure it all out. It’s about how to get from one song to another, from point A to point B and why a straight line doesn’t always work. Pay attention to the in between. That’s often what ties it all together.