If I were so bold

not much of a poet, however…. anything vince can do I can do almost as good. 🙂 In admiration of my friend, vince’s ability to write poetry, and in enjoyment of the beautiful day in the park yesterday, I wrote… Read More

Worship Philosophy

I recently recieved the following msg: —————– Original Message —————– I would be interested…. to know what some of your ideas and philosophies about worship are. I like a lot of what you are doing and honestly i dislike some… Read More


Last wednesday night before our weekly youth service, I wrote the title of one of our worship songs on my hand in sharpie. pure. It was originally intended to be a reminder while I was leading worship of the deep… Read More

Omaha Worship

About a year and a half ago, I was about to go through a HUGE trasition-the biggest in my life, because God was leading me out of my home church that I had grew up in and calling me to… Read More

Albums? shows?

so it’s the middle of february, or even further and many have noticed an absence of nicho|as petersen and his musical buddies from concert posters, upcoming show msgs and those cool little handouts he makes. If fact, the last official… Read More

thank you mj java show!!!

so friday night we had a show. it was simply awesome. it was so packed. we loved it. oscar wants to do it again. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came. You guys are awesome and we love… Read More

Darkness and the Glory

There is a new song that has been “in the shop” for a few weeks. It was lyrically finished last week. It is called “Darkness and the Glory.” The song is inspired by and directly quotes Psalm 139:7-12, which talks… Read More

on the road-creativity in worship

the waking was early for nicho|as and the band today. As we rose long before dawn and packed our handy trailer, we were tired but also excited for our across-iowa road trip. Of the 5 of us piled into travis’… Read More

the music is slow…the studio is everywhere

Why is it that we are so easily distracted? And then when we are distracted, the things we need most to accomplish go unfinished. Example: the long-awaited website remains unfinished, even undesigned. Even more important, the worship album that I… Read More