Over the last couple weeks, God has been dealing with me about my discipline regimen. Not only my need to get outside and run (that also needs to happen) but mainly the spiritual disciplines that keep my heart in check, my mind focused and my life generally on track.

Last week after thinking about what areas of my life need to improve, I thought of three strong words: READ. WRITE. PRAY. I put those words in bold on my computer desktop. I think if I can focus every day on those 3 areas, my life will feel much more defined and I will be in closer walk with God.

Not only a daily portion of the Word (which is most important) but reading books, magazine articles, and blogs that will better me as a person and a worship leader.

I feel better about myself when I am writing. Whether its a journal entry, song, letter or even a to-do list, I feel more organized and more fulfilled. I also am being challenged to focus more on my worship lessons, making them clearer and better prepared, which will benefit my worship team.

This should explain itself, but in many ways it becomes the most crucial and the most beneficial as I take time to focus ONLY on talking and spending time with my creator.

I am challenged so much by Jesus’ words in Matthew 26, “Can you not pray for one hour? Watch and pray so you do not fall into temptation.”

These words are powerful and they call upon us to discipline ourselves in the areas that will help us grow.