*Album Update
Yes, I realize i haven’t updated the video blog, and you may think, “Is he really still recording?” The answer is “yes” and then “no.” I finished tracking all instruments and vocals minus 1 track few weeks ago. I am now mixing the tracks and adding a few more noises and weird stuff. This weekend I recorded BGv’s with Brandy Baker who has an AMAZING voice. So yes, it is on its way to being finished.
**Show This Thursday
I’m really excited about this week because I am playing my first acoustic show in a while. I am going to be playing several acoustic and smaller shows this summer to promote the new cd and then probably a big cd release sometime in the next couple months.
This thursday I’m playing with my good buddy Tim Wildsmith, who has an album coming out soon. Also Grammer Drawn Sideways(Micah Perkins) and Chris fromYour Face. This will be a pretty sweet show.
I will have a couple guest musicians helping me with some cool sounds. You don’t want to miss it.
***Oh and…
Last week I pulled out my Sufjan albums and bought a new one. I can’t stop listening to it and I will admit, it’s affecting the mixing of the album—–in a very good way, I hope.
Cant wait for you to hear it