I’m sitting shotgun in a church van just outside new orleans, where 20 months after Katrina there are still ruins and evidence of its devastation. LIFTyouthchurch took several students and interns there to help families in a local church that remain affected. Through the drywall, paint, clean-up, days on the beach cajun food, and stories of the flood there lies a common theme:
While recording and deciding which songs belong on this album, God has shown me that there’s one thing that is more important than all the songs we sing and the messages we preach. Jesus summed the entire gospel message into 2 commands: love God, love others. If we do this-if we love, things can change; people can change; we can change. This thing called worship is our love to god, and out of our love for God should come a love for others: proven by our actions, and THAT can make things change.
I guess i’m thinking about all this because the last full song on cd, “Can You Change This City?” simply and unconsiously declares this message. We need love, we need change, we need saving. Only one thing can do that. Jesus said that WE are the light of the world and if we’re to shine then what should they see?
Can You change this city?
Can You fill this place?
Can you flood a desert
In a sea of grace?
listening to: Jason Morant, City of Two Rivers
Your mercy rises from the storm
And it’s carrying all the wounded home
From outstretched arms into eyes the shine
Far beyond the river
Our lives are in Your hands
Our lives are in Your hands
We’re weak but we will stand
Our lives are in Your hands