June 21, 2006 was a significant day for me. It was the first night I wrote the word ‘PURE’ on my hand, reminding myself of the song and the statement a youth church would make a stand to live by; myself included. Since then, every time the bold inked words began to fade, they were rewritten, as a renewal and a reminder of what I desired for my heart. I’m nothing close to perfect and I do stumble, but I remember and I continue to walk towards purity. It is something I will pursue the rest of my life and will never be satisfied in the place I am at.
I’ve had MANY people ask, “why don’t you get it tattooed?” in which I often respond, “that would ruin the point of renewal.” A good idea, but not for me. Instead, I’ll continue to sing the words and write it on my heart.
Those of you who have been listening to the music closely and known me for a while know the significance of “6 Months Time” to me. God can change your entire world in that amount of time. He proves this over and over and over in my life.
On 12.22.06, 6 months later, I am letting the ink fade, but the words will remain on my heart. If you know me, challenge me to prove my pursuit of “PURE” by my actions and my life and not just a mark on my hand.