Good design is finding a solution to a problem. Great design is finding the simplest solution to the same problem. My design philosophy directly informs my process. Through discovery, research, ideation, strategy and execution good design is attainable but I will always strive for great design. Less is more.


  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Execution


  • Good design clearly identifies a problem.
  • Good design sets manageable goals toward a solution.
  • Good design involves research.
  • Good design organizes data into a concise strategy.
  • Good design finds inspiration using physical tools.
  • Good design is executed with precision and care.


  • Great design discovers unknown problems.
  • Great design sets goals above and beyond the clients needs.
  • Great design asks questions that dismiss unnecessary solutions.
  • Great design simplifies a strategy into the fewest possible parts.
  • Great design uses a pencil in the inception of the solution.
  • Great design is complete when there is nothing left to take away.