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Chicago Worship

When it comes to worship there are a lot of opinions out there and usually very strong ones. There are only a handful of people that I feel I’m really on the same page with on topics like creativity, leadership… Read More

Psalm 56 – Our Enemies

Psalm 56:1-4O God, have mercy on me, for people are hounding me. My foes attack me all day long. I am constantly hounded by those who slander me, and many are boldly attacking me. But when I am afraid, I… Read More

Leading Worship in Omaha

Hey, I’m going to be in Omaha this sunday to lead worship with Jeff Booth. I’ll be doing some new songs and releasing a demo version of one on Monday at Come worship, hang out and say hi! This… Read More

Set List 10.25.09

This set list is one of many that you can find at the worship music set list blog carnival at, a great resource for worship leaders and bloggers. Today at HRCC, we did a set list focused on the… Read More

Discipline in Worship–Ephesians 5

I’m always a big fan of contrasting realities. Like when you’re a kid and your parents discipline you and you’re completely mad at them while they say, “I’m doing this because I love you.” I think that’s God does for… Read More

Excellence and Skill

I had a conversation with a pastor recently who said that he wouldn’t mind “having a guy leading worship that couldn’t hold a tune, as long as he was anointed.” This idea isn’t altogether unusual, as most pastors and worship… Read More