Why is it that we are so easily distracted? And then when we are distracted, the things we need most to accomplish go unfinished. Example: the long-awaited website remains unfinished, even undesigned. Even more important, the worship album that I have waited years to create continues to drag as I wait for God to finish His songs in my heart and on paper. Tonight, however, a break-through!!! I have finished 2 new worship songs, “The Understanding” and “Darkness and the Glory.” They are a mixture of the styles of the darker Worship Circus songs and the new Coldplay album which is playing in my head as we speak. So once these words are finished I will continue the recording process, tracking demos for organ, piano and loops…..without even leaving my corner in Caffiene Dreams. That’s right. You heard it here-thanks to the miracle of technology and my beautiul laptop and it’s faithful keyboard companion, I have turned a coffee shop into my own studio. I plan on being here quite frequently sitting with my little toys and my headphones. So stop by, if you wish and see if I’m here. If not, have a drink-I recommend the Iced Coffee.