“Mind your step,” the polite, electronic voice announces nearing the end of the moving wthalkway. We are in walking through the Amsterdam airport. After a couple times of hearing the phrase, a spontaneous beat box starts and is stuck in my head, “boom-ba-ka-“mind your step” boom-ba-ka” This sort of group beat-boxing had been a group effort by chester, jevan, and vince for the first couple hours of our trip but after our 7 hour flight and 8 hour jet lag, everyone is a bit tired and not in the mood. Still, we are anxious for our final flight into Prague. which will land at 2:30p which is kinda 6am to us. There are roughly 14 people with me on this trip (based on who is in my line of sight at the moment.) Mostly singers/musicians or musicians families, we will be meeting up with missionaries Jim and Andrea Morrison and helping them by leading worship at a youth conference Saturday through Tuesday, and then a free day in Prague wednesday. I am excited and nervous, in a way, not knowing what to expect or how people will respond to us and our style of worship. There will definitely be a language barrier as the dominant language is czech obviously I don’t know much of that. I’m praying that God will bless the work of our hands that we may be used to fulfill His will for the city of Prague. Tired, excited, but mostly anxious….’Mind Your Step.’our team