Hey everyone!
Well, i’ve been living in Downer’s Grove, IL (Chicagoland) for 10 weeks now and some people might be thinking “I wonder how nicholas is doing?” or “why doesn’t he ever have any blog updates?” or “why doesn’t he return my myspace comments?”
Well, IF this is you, here is the answer….for the last couple months i have been running non-stop with my new job, church, house, etc, and sadly not had much time for myspace. But here is the update on chicago, life, music, and otherwise:
When I moved here, the house i was to move into was in the middle of being remodelled and not livable yet, so i’ve been staying with the pastor at his house
The house needed all kinds of work (it was a mess before) so i learned how to do a few things like drywall, tile, insulation, setting mouse traps, etc.
Now i am ready to move in-today!!!
(before and after pics)
There’s tons of room in my house, so please come and visit me.
The church that i lead worship at is called Hobson Road Community Church (HRCC). Since i’ve gotten here, I’ve been building a solid band for both Sunday morning church and the Wednesday Night youth service. I’ve been introducing the church to some of my favorite worship bands like, Hillsong United, Desperation, David Crowder, Paul Baloche, and of course some of my stuff.
We created a new name for the youth group (REASONyouthchurch) as well as starting a new service and small groups and designed a whole look for it.
The youth here are great. We’re taking them on a Fall Retreat this weekend where Desperation and Bradley Hathaway will be performing.
Chicago is sweet, for sure. Beautiful city, huge buildings. I mean sorry omaha, but it actually HAS a real skyline. Downtown is awesome. 4th of July, Annual Jazz Fest, Taste of Chicago are all cool things that I’ve been able to see downtown. Plus there’s chinatown, wicker park, the train, riverboats, the lakefront, and countless other things to see and do in the city.
oh, if you come and visit, we’ll HAVE to hit up Giordano’s Pizza. Their deep dish pizza is so huge and amazing, and can’t begin describe it!!!
Since i’ve been here, my schedule has been so crazy trying to juggle worship leading, youth group, design, and just getting used to a new city, i haven’t had much time to focus on the music like i would like. I have been writing a lot of different stuff though. just bits and pieces of different tunes. hopefully i can demo some of them out soon.
Now that I have my own house, I have all the room i want to record, so if you need some recording work done, let me know! I’ll put you up in the guest bedroom and do some sweet tracking.
all-righty, well, thats what’s going on.
hopefully i can keep up with this blogging bit and not leave you all in the dark.
Hope to see you soon!
I’m going to bed now