Maybe you’ve heard the rumors. Maybe you’ve known for months, but the truth is now very much a reality. Nicholas Petersen is leaving omaha to say “hello” to chicago. After many wonderful years of calling omaha and its surrounding area my home, I sadly bid my farewell to this great city.
I love omaha, and have become very happy and comfortable here. Maybe too comfortable. At the beginning of this year I began to pray for a new vision for LIFTyouthchurch and omaha worship as i do every new year, and to my surprise, heard nothing from above. As I continued to pray, God put it in my heart to look for a new challenge and a new beginning.
So I am packing up my apartment, my guitar and everything I’ve learned in omaha to become the Worship Arts Pastor for a chicago suburban church called Hobson Road Community Church (HRCC). I’m excited and scared out my mind at the same time. I don’t know what God is thinking in all this change, but I pray that He is the one leading me life and will come through for me today like he did the day before.
To my friends in omaha, I love you and will miss you.
I’ll be moving August 25th and will have one last Goodbye Omaha show on Thursday, the 23rd @ The Foundry. I would love to see you there.