working_joe-2As you may or may not know, a couple months ago i moved to the chicago area to take a job as a worship leader at a small church there. Now being a worship leader is sweet and all, but it’s not the only thing i do. For a while I’ve been into this wild craze called “graphic design.” And since my worship leader gig is part-time and trying to live in or around chicago is so darn expensive, i decided to try and put my design skills to use to make some green. A couple inside connections, emails, and an interview later, I landed a job doing freelance work for OfficeMax. It’s kinda cool. OfficeMax wants to totally redesign everything in the company from top to bottom, so i’m helping out give them a newer, more modern look. If you happen find office supply stores fascinating, you’ll see some of my work in the winter catalogs and mailers. Anyway, it’s keeping me busy, and i enjoy it. Oh, and if you know someone who’s looking for a freelance designer for a project or something, give me buzz.